IO-810HD Ham Roof Tower

Specifications IO-810HD
Tower Height 7.92 feet (95 inches)
Shipping Weight 62 lbs.
Base Width 32 inches
Max. Antenna Wind Area at tower top 12 sq. ft. at 80 mph
Max. Antenna + Rotor + Mast weight 200 lbs.
Tower Top Width 5 inches
Rotor Plate location from Top 41.5 inches
Rotor Mounting Options Hy-Gain or Yaesu
Thrust Bearing Mounting Options Yaesu GS-065 or GS-050
Fixed (non-rotating) Mast Option UMB-1
Leg and shelf material 6061-T6 aluminum (3/16″ thick x 2″ angle)
Foot material 6061-T6 aluminum (1/4″ thick x 2″ angle)
X-Brace material 5052-H32 aluminum (3/16″ x 2″ flat)
Assembly Hardware 5/16″-18  18-8 stainless steel
Foot to Leg hardware 3/8″-18  18-8 stainless steel
Nylon Locknuts Yes
Holes Deburred Yes
Part Edges Deburred Yes
Climbable Yes – with tower climbing belt or harness

The IO-810HD is perfect for small and moderate sized HF beam antennas such as the Hy-Gain Explorer-14, Hy-Gain
TH3Mk2, Mosley CL33M, TA33M, TA34XL, KIO 5-band Hex Beam, Traffie Tech HX-5Bi, DX-Engineering HEXX beam, K4HEX
hexagonal beam …