Choose the Roof Tower that will support your Antenna(s):

In order to choose the appropriate roof tower, you need to determine what antenna(s) are going on top. Below is a matrix that shows which Carlson RoofTower best fits the popular Amateur HF, VHF or UHF antennas. If a box is marked “X” then only that particular beam will fit on top of the tower. If a box has a “-“, then that beam can not be used with that tower. If a box is marked with “O”, then a small VHF or UHF omni antenna can mount directly above the HF beam. If a box is marked with a “B”, then a small or moderate VHF or UHF beam may mount above the HF beam.

HF Beam Make/Model Beam Wind Area sq. Ft. 815HD 810HD 610HD 45HD
    15 sq. ft. 12 sq. ft. 12 sq.ft. 13 sq.ft.
HEX BEAMS          
Radiowayz Sentinal Barrett (160-10) <12 B X
Radiowayz Sentinal Barrett (40-10) <12 B X
Radiowayz 6 band, 4 band, 20m single band <4 B B B B
K4KIO Hex Beam (20-6) 5.1 B B B B
DXE-HEXX-5TAP-2 5.05 B B B B
SP7IDX Hexbeam Mark II HD ? ? ? ? ?
TH3JR 3.35 B B B B
TH3MK4 4.6 B B B B
Explorer-14 7.5 B B o o
TH5MK2 7.4 B B O O
TH7DX 9.4 B B X X
TH11DX 12.5 o
153BA 3 B B B B
155CA 5.2 B B B B
203BA 5.38 B B B B
204BA 7.27 B B o O
DB1217 6.7 B B B B
CL-33-M 6 B B B B
CL-36-M 10.7 B B
CL-39-M 16.05
PRO-57-B 11 B X
PRO-57-B 40 11.3 B X
PRO-67-B 11.6 B X
PRO-67-C 12.1 B
S-33 10 B O X X
MP-33 4.7 B B B B
MP-33-WARC 5.4 B B B B
TA-32-M 3.7 B B B B
TA-33-M 5.7 B B B B
TA-33-M WARC 6.7 B B B B
TA-34-XL 6.9 B B B B
TA-34-XL WARC 7.7 B B O O
TA-53-M 6.7 B B B B
TA-63-N 6.9 B B B B
TA-54-XL 8.7 B B O O
TA-54-XL-6 8.8 B B O O
A3S 4.36 B B B B
MA5B 3.22 B B B B
XM240 5.5 B B B B
A4S 5.5 B B B B
X7 7.9 B B O O
A3WS 4.1 B B B B
ASL2010 10.1 B O X X
TEN3 2.24 B B B B
KT34M2 4.5 B B B B
KT36XA 9.75 B B X X
10-30LP8 12.5 B
40M2L 6.6 B B B B
40M3L 9.5 B B X X
20M4DX 6.9 B B B B
20M5LD 10 B B X X
20M5 10.5 B B