Model IO-45HD Manual (4.2 foot) roof tower
Model IO-610HD Manual (6 foot)roof tower  
Model IO-810HD Manual (8 foot) roof tower Mar 2017 (updated)
Model IO-815HD Manual 8 foot roof tower Oct 2018 (updated)


“Match your Antenna to your Tower”, Roger Cox WB0DGF, Ham Radio Magazine, June 1984

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“Tower Tips”  a compilation of many tower tips from various authors
EIA/TIA-222-G Explained
How to Strengthen your Roof with Collar Ties
The Mathmatics of Rafter and Collar Ties
Calculations for the IO-810 roof tower.


A detailed description of the specifications of each tower is available in a link below the tower. The Tower Kits include all of the aluminum structural parts and the assembly bolts, washers and nuts.


We use the Yaesu GS-065 thrust bearing able to take a 2 1/2 inch mast size.


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The product is warranted against defects in workmanship. It is not warranted against acts of God such as winds that exceed the structural design limits. Also see the section in the instruction manual for mounting to roof rafters.